Brewers Nab Share with Low-Alcohol

The no-alcohol beer and low-alcohol beer (NABLAB) category is taking off in the UK. Data from CGA show that, in the first half of 2017 in the UK, 12% of legal drinking age adults who visited a licensed venue claimed not to drink alcohol. “Therefore, there is a clear...

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Fyne Ales launches Origins Brewing project

Fyne Ales launches Origins Brewing project

Argyll-based brewery Fyne Ales has introduced a range of beers as part of a new, ongoing project created to showcase their provenance and status as an authentic Scottish farmhouse brewery. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, Fyne Ales Origins Brewing...

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Launch of #Meat4Beer Initiative to Celebrate Scotland’s Larder

Launch of #Meat4Beer Initiative to Celebrate Scotland’s Larder

A new #Meat4Beer initiative is encouraging people to celebrate St Andrew’s Day by pairing Scotland’s top quality beef, lamb and pork with different styles of craft beer. The joint initiative was launched by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), The Brewers Association of...

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Midlothian microbrewery, Cross Borders, win prestigious awards

Midlothian microbrewery, Cross Borders, win prestigious awards

Cross Borders Brewing Company, a 10bbl microbrewery based in Dalkeith and introduced to the public in July 2016, continues to take the brewing industry by storm. They have just celebrated an eighth successful beer launch, won a coveted award for their Pale at the...

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Bellfield Brewery secures listings with Aldi

Bellfield Brewery secures listings with Aldi

A Scottish microbrewery that’s only been in business 18 months, has won a coveted listing with Aldi for its two gluten-free beers. The new listings will see distribution of the brewery’s two beers into to 75 Scottish ALDI stores this week. Now Scots who have had to...

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St Andrews Brewing Company – Champions of Scotland

St Andrews Brewing Company – Champions of Scotland

The 2nd annual Scottish Beer Awards were hosted in Edinburgh on Thursday 28 September. Local brewery & bar operator The St Andrews Brewing Company won two awards. The “Brewpub” (as it’s commonly known) on south street St Andrews saw off stiff competition from much...

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Monday’s update➡️https://t.co/93F6XNOK5d

➡️Changes to furlough scheme announced
➡️More guidance published for food and drink businesses – and tracing contacts of cases

The next update is on Wednesday but if you need to get in touch with us, email us at info@foodandrink.scot https://t.co/IKDfDaK2DU
Friday’s update ➡️ https://t.co/sQFxJJvWMz

Including updates on:

📱Test and Protect: new clarification on defining ‘contacts’ in the workplace
🔒Phase 1 of easing lockdown now implemented
↔️ Social distancing – 2 metres versus 1 metre

#CoronavirusScotland https://t.co/KQzSE8j5F6
Wednesday’s update ➡️ https://t.co/6odqrkpENf

There are a few short updates to share with you as part of today’s update. Including:

😷 New 'test and protect' strategy
⚙️ Guidance for manufacturers
💳 Trade credit insurance
👥 Business interruption insurance
#CoronavirusScotland https://t.co/wJUX5pPxBB
Just another manic Monday ➡️ https://t.co/zDUoTk8r19

Here’s Monday’s update on Coronavirus developments including:

✈️Air passenger quarantine rules published
🔒 Lockdown timetable for this week
⚙️Manufacturing guidance

For more information and advice ➡️ https://t.co/X38EgSGnLQ https://t.co/uGU8VWuDWB
Friday’s update➡️https://t.co/ocjXltDgNc

The headline development has been the publication yesterday of Scotland’s route map out of Coronavirus restrictions.

🔒Coming out of lockdown and opening up Scotland
😷Testing update
👥Quarantine rules
⚙️Manufacturing guidance https://t.co/13v6oTAO7V
Monday’s update ➡️ https://t.co/2ZSXgvaasY
Today’s update captures developments since Friday morning:
📻Consumer campaign for https://t.co/nKaA42XOaI
💰Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund closing at 5pm today
📣New guidance coming this week
📱Test, trace, isolate and support – app https://t.co/luKgJrI6tB
Thursday’s Daily Update ➡️

There is no daily update tomorrow, however we’ll share updates via our social media accounts tomorrow and the weekend.

💰Re-opening of Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund
⚙️Manufacturing guidance
🕑Lockdown timetable https://t.co/DJEesQ0KWe
Wednesday’s Daily Update ➡️ https://t.co/zeL6Pd8Uq7

There are number of developments which have been emerging today:
💳UK Government scheme to support credit insurance
⚙️Manufacturing guidance
😷Quarantine measures
👥Furlough – existing scheme runs until August then will change https://t.co/KiSdadpDfH
Tuesday’s Daily Update➡️https://t.co/SSehUgn17k
Here is a summary of today's developments:
➡️Furlough scheme extended until October
➡️Credit insurance
➡️Access to ingredients, materials and services
If you are experiencing any issues please let us know via info@foodanddrink.scot https://t.co/RHIaT6UVkd
Monday’s Daily Update ➡️ https://t.co/jiH2xlHb4r

Today’s update captures one development from Friday and the weekend’s news including:

💰More money for the Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund
🔒Lockdown changes in Scotland
⚙️Manufacturing guidance
👥The future of furlough https://t.co/zjoqOkRseb
Thursday’s Daily Update ➡️ https://t.co/2pBvrPkfcf

Today’s update covers developments including: the lockdown being extended in Scotland and the second phase of the Small Business Grant scheme has opened for applications.

For more information, visit ➡️ https://t.co/X38EgSGnLQ https://t.co/8LT8tXqxs6
Wednesday’s Daily Update➡️https://t.co/y7Cq4ZiEqz

Today’s developments include: The future of furlough, Covid small businesses grants, a lockdown decision due tomorrow and updates on our Support Local Directory.

Please let us know of any emerging issues➡️info@foodanddrink.scot https://t.co/8VkOyjHbxy
Tuesday’s Daily Update➡️https://t.co/vq20Triquo

Today’s update includes the latest developments regarding: The new @scotgov framework for moving out of lockdown, the Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund (PERF) is closing for applications at 5pm today and more on Bounce Back Loans. https://t.co/0kJ4qKXhJM
Monday’s Daily Update ➡️https://t.co/qzpUOdlfEN

Today’s update picks up issues from the weekend as well as news emerging today including the opening of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme and its issues, Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund (PERF) and Guidance on restarting manufacturing. https://t.co/8xo8Tj1ugw