Happy Friday everyone - today's #Coronavirus update from @scotfooddrink now live➡️https://t.co/bB4rttbWzy

Update includes details on £10 million fund for the seafood sector, updates from the Chancellor and information about export insurance in response to Coronavirus. https://t.co/dxKlTlOKOG
The second wave of @VisitScotland survey tracking the effects of #Coronavirus on the industry has been released. It generates understanding across different regions and business sectors, including food and drink activities. Results are here: https://t.co/JpRLf8fDW0 https://t.co/TdVrNFGQO6
Thursday 2 April daily #Coronavirus update from @scotfooddrink now live ➡️ https://t.co/r4wjiYNE3G

Today’s daily update includes new official guidance from Food Standards Scotland, latest UK sales figures insight and @VisitScotland business insight survey. https://t.co/ngcAamHM8S
Over 4,000 beers donated in 48 hours for hero NHS workers thanks to Brewgooder’s ‘One of Us’ campaign https://t.co/fw7CxDpdxU @BrewGoodr
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Today’s #Coronavirus update from@scotfooddrink ➡️ https://t.co/rcXyBY2Oq0

Includes information on the launch of a new Job Hub, the enhanced redundancy support service and details on learning resources for personal skills. https://t.co/BwkQB3HTVm
Across Scotland, @bgateway is releasing webinars to help businesses through #Coronavirus. Topics range from staffing issues, managing business debts, government funding to rates relief. To find out more and to register, please click here: https://t.co/52sgxpAfBc https://t.co/qoZjsaCjx3
Many producers and independent retailers are turning to home delivery as an option to reach local customers in self-isolation or unable to travel to their local shop.

@ACS_LocalShops has issued new guidance on how to start a home delivery service: https://t.co/nC0p0U4ZpK https://t.co/djsdKAd3Xh
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Tuesday 31 March - @scotfooddrink daily update - https://t.co/W5kQDhghQd

Update includes a new job platform launched by @skillsdevscot, a co-signed letter to MSPs and all the business support available. https://t.co/2rAX8DwSlH
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Amazing, well done🍻 https://t.co/lEFdbJFWi5
Congratulations 🍻 https://t.co/5owxDsVA8X
The Scottish Beer Awards have announced some new key dates. Crucially, you now have until Monday 13 July to get your entries in. Find out more: https://t.co/pJpiCa1HyJ @Scotbeerawards https://t.co/J7juKuqYer
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Monday 30 March – today’s #Coronavirus update is now live here - https://t.co/xmQAO43tMb

Today’s update includes what support is available from across the @scotfooddrink Partnership and some useful upcoming webinars. https://t.co/NwWx0dZUws
Hospitality trade seeks clarity over £25k support grants https://t.co/4ds8TvL7Gs
It’s Friday and here is today’s #Coronavirus update from Scotland Food & Drink.

Included are details on support for self-employed, examples of briefing on social distancing in the workplace and the Coronavirus business toolbox.

Find it here➡️https://t.co/nJILpvJ2L3 https://t.co/q6Fk1hLe6L
Great to see two of our members feature @fiercebeer @BrewGoodr https://t.co/jsxfRgtXHQ
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The https://t.co/ffcgsj1BLx website is the best way to find the information you need in relation to Coronavirus (24/7).
Sign up for email updates from @scotgov on coronavirus guidance and advice for businesses in Scotland here➡️https://t.co/fCBp5VCRnA https://t.co/KIShD7riks
Today's daily #Coronavirus update >> https://t.co/TAyj1Jjz26

Includes the latest on social distancing in the workplace and an update to @scotfooddrink business support table. https://t.co/VN6QwHOnZF